I would be happy to help you out with your warranty request. In order to better assist you I need to be able to fill out some information. (CLICK HERE to open and print out new warranty request form)

  1. May I please have your name?
  2. May I please have the best number to call you back at?
  3. May I have an email?

  1. At what address did this leak occur?________________________
  2. When did you notice the leak or damage?_______________________________
  3. Do you have your warranty documents with you?_________________________
    1. Don't you have a copy of our warranty? CLICK BELOW for response


  1. Do you have your copy of the contract for the work that was performed?____________
    1. Don't you have a copy of our contract? CLICK BELOW for response


  1. When was the last time you had any maintenance done to your roof?_________
  2. Have you made any modifications to the building. ___________________
  3. What is the damage that you would like to be repaired or inspected?____________________
  4. The desired resolution you would like from us would be to?__________________________

We operate in multiple cities. All of our documents are archived and I do not have access to this information at this time. If you would like I can submit a request for this information, it may take up to two weeks before I get a response. Would you like me to continue or submit a request for documents. 

  • I would like to continue. 


  • I would like you to submit a request for documents.

I will be happy to submit a request for documents for you. From here, this is what I can do for you.

  1. I am going to send you the warranty request form 
  2. I have logged your information into our system. 

Once we have the warranty request form signed and sent back to us with the necessary documents we can schedule a repair technician to go out and inspect the damage and if it a found to be faulty in our workmanship,they will repair on site.

In order for us to send out a repair technician, I am going to send you the form I have filled out. We will need it signed and sent back to us with the necessary documents. Once we have these documents we will be happy to have our repair technician go out and perform any warranty repairs that we find.

(Customer responds:)

  1. Can't you send someone out right now. 


Due to the high call volume we have been getting, we need to make sure we send the best qualified technician out to address your needs. The documents we are requesting will help us make sure we have the right materials necessary to complete your request.

I am almost done with your request. Let me confirm your information.

  1. I show your name as:______________________
  2. I have the best phone number to call you back at:___________________________
  3. The best email on file is:___________________________________
  4. The address where the repairs are to be performed are?______________________
  5. You have stated that you have the warranty document in hand?________________
  6. You have stated that you have a copy of your contract?______________________
  7. You have stated that you have performed the following modifications to your roof.
  8. The damage you are requesting for us to repair or inspect is?__________________
  9. The desired resolution you would like from us would be to:__________________

Now that I have confirmed your information please look keep an eye on your mailbox. We will be sending you a warranty repair packet.


Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure to speak with and serve your needs. Was I able to address your needs today?


                                                                   (Close out Form and send to proper department.) 

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