I understand that you feel that we are too expensive. Please keep in mind that the report sent to the insurance company from us represents the total damages that we feel you are entitle to get repaired. 

Remember that our contract is only to do the work identified in your FINAL CLAIM SUMMARY. If you do not want to fight for your benefits, then we can move forward as the estimate is written today and approved by your insurance company. You will have to keep in mind that any items that are not covered under the estimate approved by your insurance but still required by the local building code will be your responsibility. These are the majority of items that we fight for.

On a second note have you filled out your DAP form. this is one great way to help reduce your our of pocket cost. 

Would you like for me to update your job status and move it forward to a work order? This means that we will stop any actions of working on maximizing your benefits and sending it to scheduling to get done as it is written today. 

  1. Yes, update job status
  2. No I still want to cancel--------continue to read below

Now we don't want to jeopardize the insurance policy on your property. In order for you to maintain your insurance in force and not have them cancel you, all items have to be completed. We document that these items have been done and send proof to the insurance carrier on your behalf.

What I can do for you today is make a special request to help you on your DAP rebate. The normal form allows us to be able to apply a $200 amount for 5 references. I can double that amount to $400 for that item. would you like for me see what we can do about your DAP rebates. 

  1. Yes (CLICK HERE to go to DAP section)