I would be happy to help you with this request. I need some information first. 

  1. May I please have your name?

  2. May I have a phone number in case we get disconnected?

  3. May I please have an email 

  4. Do you know or have your job id number?

  5. Is this just a general request on your status or is there a specific item that yo u would like an update on? (enter specific details in "Message")

Thank you for this information. I have created a status update request and one of our senior account managers will get in touch with you in by (Select the appropriate response)

  1. if call is before 1pm then the response will be: the end of today's business day

  2. If the call is after 1pm then you would say: by the end of business day tomorrow






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Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure to speak with and serve your needs. Was I able to address your needs today?


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