• open DAP approval form CLICK HERE
  • open or have a copy of the DAP sheet in front of you. If there isn't a DAP sheet send them an email to fill out the online form. The password to login to that page is "apex1971"
  • Check to see if we can have a sign installed on their yard.
  • Call each reference and verify if we can meet with them to present to them. 
  • For military we need a copy of their military id
  • For retired or inactive/ retired/ honorably discharged ask for a copy of their "FORM dd214"
  • For federal/ state/ city employees then we need only one of the following:
    • employment ID,
    • check stub, 
    • email ending with . gov/ .state/ .edu
  • For senior citizen, we need a copy of their state id.
  • For hardship we need a letter written from them explaining their hardship and who our this service would help them.


I am your DAP coordinator. I am calling to go over your DAP request.