To help with canceling a contract these steps need to be done.

  1. Update Bella Solutions
  2. Open "Request to Cancel Contract" form. CLICK HERE
  3. Print out or make  a copy of the signed contract for insurance restoration.
  4. Highlight the area that covers the cancellation portion of the contract.
  5. Print out or make a copy of the most recent claim summary approved by the insurance. if we do not have a copy then we will have to request one from the insured. If the insured fails to give us a copy then we will refer this to our legal team to close out. 
  6. Calculate the total "Replacement Cost Value, this means to add up all summaries such as dwelling, personal property, other structures.............
  7. Enter this number into the form.
  8. Calculate what 20% would be of the final RCV and enter into form
  9. If any work was performed such as emergency repairs  ask for a cost to those items, and and to form.
  10. Enter the total amount do on the form.
  11. Send filled out form with the copies of the necessary documents to the client in two ways:
    1. certified mail
    2. personally visit with the client.