Hello, my name is ___________________________, and I am calling from Apex Roofing and Restoration. As a local company serving the El Paso and New Mexico area for over 40 years, I was calling to inform you about the storm that hit your area. We are a general contractor and can help with all the damages that may have occurred. Are you the person that handles the maintenance for your building?

1.Yes I am. 

2.No, I am not.


Great, may I please speak with them?

  • No you may not. 
  • (That person come to the phone) 


The area that get damaged during these types of storms are not always apparent. The areas that get the most damage are on the exterior and are out of site most of the time. These are usually the roof, stucco, siding, windows, and doors. Not to mention the leaks they cause. 

We would like to be of service to you by providing you with a free building inspection. During our inspection we will deliver valuable information they will better educate you on the rights you have as a building owner when filing an insurance claim. Can we schedule you today?

  • Yes you can. 

  • No.  

  • I am not ready. 


I would be happy to send you some information. Can I please have:

  1. Email address

  2. Fax number




I need to verify some information really quick.

  1. I show the address as____________________________________

  2. The name as "Attention To:"________________________________

  3. I have the email as_________________________________________

  4. The Fax i have on file is ______________________________________



Thank you for your time. It has been a pleasure to speak with and serve your needs. Was I able to address your needs today?


 (Close out Form and send to proper department.)